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Massage Therapy in Oakdale

Massage therapy has a long history in many countries in the world.  People in Asian countries, like to use hard touch massage, or Deep Tissue Massage, while people from other countries , especially from US or Europe like more light touch massage. We are asian oriented massage therapists, and we are specialized in hard touch massage or deep tissue massage.  Here we would like to introduce some major services in our center. The main massage therapy include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage and foot massage. In order to give you some a

deep tissue massage


Table Massage

Table Massage is a one of the most practiced massage therapy in our store. Table massage includes light touch massage and deep tissue massage. The benefits of table massage are as below.
From physical perspective:Reduced tension headaches, Reduced chronic migraines, Increased blood circulation to Muscles, Lower blood pressure, Strengthened immune system.

From mental perspective:Relaxation, Relieves tension in target areas, Increases productivity, Reduce Stress, Nurture Mind and Spirit, Offers a sense of caring and compassion.

  • Table massage
  • $50 $50  / 30 min
  • $70 $60  / 60 min
  • $110 $100  /90 min
  • $130 $105/60 min (couple massage)
  • $130 $110 /60 min (4 hands massage)
Swedish massage
Hot stone massage

Combo Massage

We practice combo massage.Combo Massage is a combination of table and foot massage.

  • 30 min table massage and 30 min foot massage is $70 $60

Foot Massage 

Foot massage is also called foot reflexology. Foot reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to the body’s different organs and glands. (Source: foot.com).

  • $40$30 /30 min
  • $60$48 /60 min
  • $90$75 /90 min
Foot massage (reflexology)
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